French University Bans Chatgpt Usage Due To Fraud and Plagiarism Issues

A French institution has forbidden the use of ChatGPT, an OpenAI language model, due to concerns about fraud and plagiarism. The college decided to prohibit ChatGPT use due to worries that students would use it to produce assignments or other academic work that is not their own. The ban, which prohibits students from using the application for any academic purposes, is an egregious indication of the growing concern over the danger of harnessing artificial intelligence skills for immoral purposes.

Top French university bans use of ChatGPT to prevent plagiarism - News | Khaleej Times

The university’s ban on ChatGPT is not the first time AI technologies have been made illegal in a learning environment. Due to similar concerns about fraud and plagiarism, universities have occasionally prohibited AI products in recent years, including essay writing software and others. The use of AI technologies in education is a contentious subject since they can be used for unethical purposes in addition to being utilised to enhance learning and make academic work easier.

The ethical and practical concerns raised by the use of ChatGPT in teaching need to be carefully considered by universities and other educational organisations. In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are capable of creating material, what, for example, qualifies as plagiarism? How can colleges ensure that students aren’t using AI technologies to produce work that isn’t their own? And what role ought AI to have in academic study and instruction?

In conclusion, the decision to forbid ChatGPT by the French institution is a reflection of the growing concern over the potential for employing AI tools in teaching unethically. The use of AI in education has a lot of potential benefits, but institutions must carefully consider the ethical and practical implications of these technologies and take safeguards to ensure that they are used responsibly and in compliance with accepted standards.

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