The Nikkah Dress, Makeup, And Hairstyle Of Naimal Khawar Abbasi Were Revealed

Recently, a very happy event took place in the entertainment industry, and that was the Nikkah of Hamza Ali Abbasi, one of our favourites, and the stunning Naimal Khawar. Given that there had been no prior indication of this event, it was more than a surprise. After completing the Hajj, Hamza Ali Abbasi surprised everyone by getting married to Naimal Khawar.

Newly-wed Naimal Khawar slams 'narrative of 'saving me'', asks not to  'spread false news'

Naimal revealed about her dated and understated appearance today while speaking to a media and entertainment station. She began by saying that the outfit she had worn for her Nikkah ceremony was actually her mother’s, which was also worn by her month. WOW! That then was really adorable. Niamal was able to wear it on her nikkah day after some minor alterations and fitting work.

Naimal shocked everyone when she stated that she did her own makeup and hairstyle for her nikkah because she wanted to appear straightforward. She wore a rose garland to give it a more refined feel. Regardless, she looked stunningly beautiful while remaining a very straightforward and traditional bride in keeping with our customs and culture.


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