Shahid Kapoor’s Heart Was Broken By The Failure Of “Jersey”

Shahid Kapoor’s most recent web series Farzi marks an effective rebound for him after late film industry disappointments. He plays a young man who decides to print counterfeit currency notes and enters the criminal world in the Prime Video original.

Given that he was going through a lot of heartbreak following the failure of Jersey, Shahid discussed how liberating the success of his most recent movie has been for him.

“It was just heartbreaking. Although it was a stunning film, I believe the universe was not kind to us. The tunes were out, the film was pushed for quite some time in light of the Coronavirus. After watching Jersey, I realized that movies are like fast food—you have to eat it right away. According to him, “If you wait, uska mazaa chala jaata hai,”

Shahid added that this is why he is “really, really happy” about Farzi’s success. We also failed to do the film justice, in my opinion. We could have chosen more wisely. Some things are meant to be in a certain way, I don’t know. Sometimes there is no control, even when you have control over something.

Shahid also discussed the transition to OTT platforms with Saif Ali Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, and Ajay Devgn, basking in the success. I know I’m late to the party. Sincerely, I have long desired to experiment with long formats. I’ve been watching it and have become obsessed with shows. I’ve watched them all at once. Additionally, it provides various acting opportunities. It never came down to being first, second, or even late. Since I am probably the first actor in my generation, it didn’t even register. It was all about putting on a good show with good people for me. Additionally, I believe this speaks to the artist in me.

When asked about his development as an actor, as a person, and his journey thus far, Shahid stated, “It has been a huge learning curve.” In May, Kapoor’s debut film, Ishq Vishk, will mark 20 years in the industry. I’ve changed a lot, but the fundamentals have stayed the same. I just get the impression that the innocence with which you began each project fades away. However, one must hold onto that.

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