A New Face of Traffic Police in Hyderabad

Javed Iqbal, Secretary of the Hyderabad District Traffic Management Board, has warned of substantial fines for various offenses, including one-way traffic violations and improper parking. According to Iqbal, the new Hyderabad traffic plan includes these fines.

Traffic obstructions on the highway will be dealt with by the authorities. According to Iqbal, the department will give priority to keeping an eye on the busiest areas like the main city, Cantt, Latifabad, and Market.

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He said that all major routes with a lot of one-way traffic are being watched. Iqbal went on to say that the board and the traffic police have both asked the business community to back the government’s plan to control traffic in the city.

Progress on the M6 Motorway The Sindh government intends to finish the Hyderabad-Sukkur Motorway sooner than was originally anticipated. This month, a high-level meeting was held, and Chief Secretary Sindh Dr. Muhammad Sohail Rajput presided over it.

For the M6 project, Rajput prioritized the acquisition of land in Hyderabad and Shaheed Benazirabad. The M6 Motorway project’s Land Acquisition Officers were appointed at the meeting. The M6 highway is expected to be completed by the government in 24 months.

The final section of the Peshawar-Karachi Motorway that will connect Pakistan’s major cities is the Sukkur-Hyderabad Motorway. This project will result in the construction of a turnkey six-lane highway with a length of 306 kilometers and a concession period of approximately 25 years.



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