Hyderabad Traffic Police Restrict Parking Along The Road

On Sunday, SSP Hyderabad Sajid Amir Suddozai gave the local traffic police the order to forbid parking cars in the middle of two or three lanes.

In the meeting, he instructed the traffic police to stop cars from being parked in the wrong spots so that less road space would be needed for parking.

SSP Suddozai ordered them to fully assist the local and district governments with the implementation of the Sindh High Court’s orders for the eradication of small and large encroachments in Hyderabad, as well as to erect “no parking” signs where parking is forbidden.

He also emphasized the need for long-term traffic management plans as opposed to relying only on short-term fixes.


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Over the past few years, Pakistan’s car population has increased quickly, causing more traffic issues. Many highways and regular routes are getting harder to navigate, and improperly parked cars make things even harder for both the general public and traffic enforcement.

The actions taken by the authorities to improve traffic flow appear to be increasing. These ongoing problems could be resolved and rush-hour traffic could be improved by enacting laws against illegal parking, creating and using appropriate parking spaces, and using line markings.





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