Picture-In-Picture Calls Are Now available On WhatsApp For IOS.

  • In terms of functionality, WhatsApp is one of the most versatile applications.
  • Users who utilize the picture-in-picture (PIP) mode can see videos in a more compact window.
  • With the help of this tool, users may place and receive calls while working on other projects.

One of the most functionally varied applications available is WhatsApp, which has not only improved our lives but also enabled people interact with one another and break down boundaries between us all. WhatsApp has unveiled a number of new features for its Android users, including Avatars and an expanded media sharing limit, in keeping with its history of making people’s lives simpler. It appears that they now want to help their iOS users, thus they have added WhatsApp picture-in-picture calls to iOS.

For those who are not acquainted, picture in picture mode enables users to use their phones for other purposes while still making and receiving calls.

For IOS, WhatsApp Offers Picture-In-Picture Calls. Realistic Multitasking Support

Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode enables users to do various tasks on their devices while watching a movie in a smaller window. You could perform both simultaneously while watching a tutorial or having a WhatsApp video conversation with someone, for instance. Before, the only method to access social media or write an email while on a video conference with someone else was to stop the connection.

The PIP window can be moved and resized by the user as needed when two jobs are running simultaneously to avoid interfering with other simultaneous processes.

iOS users must update their app to the most recent V23.3.77 version in order to access this capability. Thanks to this change, users will be able to multitask while on video conversations and won’t have to decide between doing other tasks and keeping in touch with friends and family via voice/video chat. This addition to WhatsApp for iOS will unquestionably enhance the user experience while placing Video Calls.


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